Google Trends now tells you the hottest searches by category in “Top Charts”

Google has some amazing tools to show you what content is trending on the internet. From search keywords, to what videos on YouTube are popular in different U.S. regions, there is a mountain of data to uncover if you are inclined to look for it.
The latest tool opened to users is the “Top Charts”, it separates trending keywords and artists into easily readable categories, so you can see an instant what is currently popular on the search engine. You can even see if the current item is trending upwards or downwards, thanks to small arrow on the right side of each phrase.
News reporters, editors, content creators and general busy-bodies should find the tools the most useful, while teachers could use the reports to tailor lesson-plans to popular content. You can check out all of the data that is now being offered on the official trending page below. There are some great tools to check out, so use the navigation on the left-side to keep exploring.
more info: google

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