“Awesome New Tab Page” turns Chrome new tab into Windows 8 styled application launcher

The Google Chrome “New Tab” page can already host a few applications from the Google Chrome Web App store, but there’s a very nice extension that will allow you to utilize the space much more efficiently.
The extension is available on the Google Chrome Extensions hub and it’s called “Awesome New Tab Page”. It’s much more than a cleaner bookmarking UI (though that is some of it) there are other features built in that really make it shine. To start off you download the extension and start setting up your Windows 8 style tiles (ones like Amazon can be set to your default region) but hovering over a few tab allows the “search” input field to appear. Simply type what you are looking for and hit enter and you just searched Amazon or Facebook or other sites. Twitter has the same option, type in “TheSlantedNews” and you will see our great Twitter feed.
More widgets are being added but there is one for Reddit, allowing you to have an active subreddit of your choosing available at all times (I chose /r/funny). Other more functional items are the calculator, notepad, Google Drive and other simple tools. Most of the tiles are resizable and it seems that development is still underway for future widgets. You can check out the extension for yourself, it offers a ton of features and even more customizable options for you to test out, and of course it is free.
more info: chrome

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