Sign up to pre-order the Xbox One and Microsoft will give you $10 credit

There’s no advertising like incentive-based advertising, and that is exactly what Microsoft is counting on to promote pre-pre-order sales for the Xbox One. Here are the pre-order details.
Fo a limited time, if you sign-up to be notified when the Xbox One is available on the Microsoft Store, you will get a $10 credit to the online site. It costs absolutely nothing to do so and you don’t even have to share the sign-up process to Facebook or Tweet about it (in retrospect they probably should have made you do that) so head on over and put in your email address and get ready to get yourself a new Xbox One.
Amazon is offering a sign-up process as well, but you only get notified. On the other hand, Amazon does have Amazon Prime and in the past it has showered customers with credit when ordering Xbox Consoles for the holidays. We of course will keep you updated, but you can check out both selection to see which one gets here first.
more info: microsoft, amazon

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