Yahoo completely redesigns Flickr apps, 1 TB storage free

There will be a lot of Yahoo related news tonight, the company is still celebrating its purchase og Tumblr and announcing many of the changes that will be going on in the going months.
There is some great news for Flickr users however, during a press-event right here in NYC the company showed off the complete redesign of the Flickr app, which includes a shiny grid UI and 1TB of free storage for users. According to Yahoo, that’s enough for about 537,731 “full-resolution” photos per user account. For desktop users, the new Photostreams and Sets much cleaner and easier to navigate. A new share button makes using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr a breeze. If you look at a single photo it will now be full screen.
A new mobile version will hit iOS and Android very soon, Android is launching later today. If you need more room there is no longer a “PRO” plan but there is a “doubler” that will increase your storage limit to 2TB for $500 per year with no ads, and ad-free is $50 for 12 months.
In celebration of the incoming news, we made our own Flickr account last night. We added our coverage of the Billboard Music Awards and the new images from Batman Arkham City so you can test out the new layout…..and…..follow us maybe? In the future all of our galleries will be neatly added and organized just like you see below for your convenience.
more info: flickr

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