Mercedes-Benz Launches New In-Vehicle App For Account Management

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA LLC (MBFS) today announced it is adding an in-vehicle account management app for its customers in the United States. The app, called My MBFS, will allow customers to manage their account in-car.
The feature will be available to those who have a model year 2013 and newer Mercedes equipped with the COMAND Navigation and a subscription to mbrace2 with Mercedes-Benz Apps (which includes Google, Yelp! and Facebook).
Michael Kanzleiter, Senior Manager, Marketing, MBFS says: “The same great account management features we provide on our My MBFS smartphone app are now available in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. As a result of this launch, we are now the first auto finance company offering customers account management through an in-vehicle app.”
MBFS was originally launched as an iPhone app and mobile website in 2009. Since the launch of MBFS, owners are able to access the service from all smart phone devices with the capability to make payments, receive payoff quotes and obtain account information. In 2011, MBFS added iPad compatibility.
The vehicle’s COMAND system automatically prevents driver distraction by disengaging the My MBFS app when the vehicle is in motion.
To start managing their MBFS account in-vehicle using the My MBFS app, customers need to register their account online at
Once mbrace2 connectivity is made through the vehicle’s COMAND system, registered users can select and log in to the My MBFS app to start using any of the account management features.

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