New Madden NFL 25 Playbook Details Connected Franchise


As we get more into the heat of summer, we’re going to get more and more info on the upcoming Madden NFL 25. True to our word, today we bring you Playbooks 3 & 4, focusing on Connected Franchise.
After what seems to be a long absence, Owner Mode is back! Step into the shoes of a NFL owner and run your team from top to bottom. You can use either an existing NFL owner like Jerry Jones, or create one from scratch and run the team the way YOU see fit.
A new, more accessible, tile-based user interface will give players a more streamlined experience. Also, a completely re-tuned progression and legacy score system, along with refined draft, trade and signing logic make for the most realistic experience to date.
This year in Connected Franchise marks the inclusion of fan-requested features like 32-team control, offline fantasy draft and a league transaction log. Also, college football fans will be happy to know that they can once again import draft classes from NCAA Football 14 (never should have been taken out of last year’s game).
New legends and media personalities bring Connected Franchise to life this year. Take control of fleet-footed quarterback Randall Cunningham or punishing running back/defender William “the Refrigerator” Perry. Furthermore, bring back the revered tight end Mike Ditka, or lead a team as Coach Ditka if you prefer. Recreate the legendary careers of these all-time greats, or start fresh on a new team and write your own history. Whether you play as a player, coach or owner; created character, modern superstar or legend expect to hear from the media, as new personalities such as Peter Schrager, Darren Rovell, Matthew Berry and more chime in on the virtual social media feed.
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