Suppliers point to super-slim iPad 5 launching in Fall 2013

After months of speculation and rumors about new iPad mini-models, it seems that the first real reports of the iPad 5 have hit the internet. Here are the details.
Reports from Digitimes claim that the new iPad 5 will boast a 9.7″ screen with a 2048 x 1536 resolution display. The new screen will be built out of a thinner and lighter glass component reducing thickness down to 0.2mm as opposed to the iPad 4 model’s 0.22mm.
The news stems from the mass-production of the materials and frames that are currently in production from Apple. The new thinner iPad will have a slimmer design, better LED backlighting and it is being reported that the new iPad 5 will slim its overall weight down by 33%. Apple is also rummored to have two seperate iPad Mini models that will launch in 2013, though details on those two models have been slim. The longest standing iPad Mini model is one that would contain a Retina Display but Apple has not announced any new models at this time. Digitimes also reports that “LG Display, Samsung Display and Sharp are expected to be the suppliers of display panels”.

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