Sony finally teases the PS4 hardware, you’ll see it in full during E3 2013

The big Playstation Reveal for the PS4 was only missing one element, what the final hardware designed actually looked like. Sony isn’t ready to spill the beans just yet, but the day is quickly approaching.
Sony has been fairly quiet on the PS4 since the launch, the company is saving the rest of its surprises until E3 2013 this June. Microsoft is about to reveal the next Xbox 360 this week, so Sony probably realized this would be the last day it could hog the next-gen spotlight all to itself. Microsoft will be revealing the new device on its campus in Redmond, Washington.
Mark your calendars for June 10th during the company’s E3 presentation, that is when Sony will take out the PS4 and hold it like a baby Simba Pride Rock for all of to see.

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