Battle of the Bulge, Seamless and GrubHub unite for take-out kingdom

The two most prominent internet food-ordering services have joined forces in order to create the perfect take-out kingdom. Here are all the tasty details.
Even though both services are relatively similar, having to look up restaurants on each application proved to be too bothersome for America and instead of fighting each other for preferences, the two companies have merged. GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney will take on the same role of the combined businesses and stated, “GrubHub and Seamless share a common goal to generate more business for local takeout restaurants.”
Both companies made an official announcement earlier today allowing a total of more than 32,000 restaurants to be available for customers. Added together, Seamless and GrubHub have a gross income of over $870 million dollars.
photo credit: SweetOnVeg

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