Toshiba announces new laptop line: Kira, Qosmio X-Series and more

Toshiba announced quite a few new laptop models this morning. The company has released new details regarding the range laptops and all-in-ones, including price, features and specs.
This announcement includes a line-up of more than 25 notebooks and an All-in-One device. Toshiba made the announcement early Monday morning stating that the latest range of laptops. “features its hallmark of inspired engineering as part of its world-wide corporate identity launch”.
“This is our most innovative and stylish range that draws on our rich Japanese heritage fused with the latest in modern technologies,” said Mark Whittard , Managing Director, Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited. Toshiba is giving consumers the ability to choose a device that is specific to their unique needs.”
“In addition to the hallmark silhouette across the range, each model celebrates and contains Toshiba’s world-class reputation for reliability, precision and craftsmanship, making them instantly recognisable as an array of devices built to improve and enhance lives,” he said.
Toshiba stated, “the latest range incorporates a number of unique Toshiba innovations designed to ensure technology is seamlessly integrated into every-day life.” These include:

  • + High-Speed Start: For fast PC wake-up.
  • + Peak Shift: Toshiba’s Peak Shift function — controllable through Toshiba’s eco Utility™ – saves you dollars by allowing you to use off-peak power in peak periods, cutting down your power bills.
  • + PC Health Monitor: When you want to give your notebook a check-up, Toshiba’s PC Health Monitor diagnoses performance and enhances your notebook’s reliability.
  • + Sleep-and-Charge: Lets you charge your devices while your notebook is off.
  • + Sleep-and-Music: Listen to music while your device is switched off or in sleep mode.
  • + harman/ kardon® Speakers: Deliver a luxurious listening experience.
  • + Airget: Share content easily and from anywhere with your own personal cloud.
  • + HDMI® 4K2K: If you have a 4K2K TV, you can connect and marvel at your content on the big screen in all its finest detail using HDMI®.
  • + Pixel Pure: Only available on KIRA, Pixel Pure screen resolution, (also known as Quad High Definition) is four times the definition of standard HD 720p screen resolution.

The new KIRA (shown above and below) is sure to turn a lot of heads at launch, the device runs from $1,799 to $2,199. Toshiba reminds readers that Kira means ‘beam of light’, and the company calls Kira the “epitome of Japanese workmanship — every element designed and crafted with beautifully considered precision”.
The official description for the device is as follows: “Taking its cues from nature, KIRA has an incredibly durable lightweight strength due to its unique Honeycomb structure, designed to reinforce the chassis. Its construction, using the same magnesium alloy found in high-performance race cars, gives KIRA the edge when it comes to life in the fast lane”.
The Kira comes in as a 13″ Ultrabooks using the “Pixel Pure display” wich has 3.7 million pixels “not even visible to the human eye” according to Toshiba. The sound is enhanced using harman/kardon speakers.
KIRA highlights include:

  • +  World’s first Ultrabook™ with Pixel Pure (2560×1440) display — the equivalent of four times the clarity of standard 720p High Definition display
  • +  Intuitive touchscreen
  • +  Ultra-light 1.21kg – 1.35kg (Dependant on no-touch/touch capabilities)
  • +  Prestigious harman/kardon® speakers
  • +  Supreme lightweight strength with reinforced magnesium honeycomb construction
  • +  Extended warranty
  • +  Dedicated platinum on-site servicing and a dedicated hotline

The Portégé Z10t will come in two initial configurations and will range from $1,199 with a Celeron CPU, 4GB, 128GB SSD to $1,499 featuring an Intel Core i5 Y processor with 4GB memory and 128GB SSD. For people who demand it all, Toshiba’s Portégé Z10 morphs from an Ultrabook to an intuitive tablet in just moments.
Portégé Z10t highlights include:

  • + Ultra-Thin, measuring 16.9mm on the front and 19.9mm on the back
  • + Ultra-Light (850g) in tablet mode
  • + Full High Definition touchpanel display (1920 x 1080)
  • + Full Ultrabook™ experience
  • + Detachable keyboard for full media tablet experience
  • + World-First fully-ported docking keyboard with incredible connectivity
  • + Dual Point and backlit keyboard
  • + HDMI® + USB 3.0 + SD +VGA + LAN
  • + Ultra-High Performance 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Y Series CPUs
  • + 4 Hour+ battery life

Next up is the Satellite P-Series starting at A$1,299 and ranging upwards of $1,999 RRP. Toshiba states that the P-Series is “Aesthetically beautiful”, adding “Toshiba’s P-Series Prestige notebooks are designed for trendsetters who covet cutting-edge technology and the ultimate in chic, urban style. Delivering powerful performance, dynamic home entertainment, business-level productivity and outstanding portability, they’re truly the notebooks of distinction”.
P-Series highlights include:

  • + 25per cent thinner design than previous models
  • + Full High Definition display (1080p)
  • + Touchscreen, ideal for Windows® 8 (Selected models only)
  • + Prestigious harman/kardon® Speakers
  • + Toshiba 1TB Hybrid HDD
  • + Up To 4GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 4GB graphics
  • + Zero Power ODD
  • + HDD Protection
  • + Peak Shift function
  • + Hybrid HDD provides the same instant-on and speed as an SSD with double the storage
  • Backlit keyboard
  • + HDMI® 4K2K Output
  • + Sleep-and-Charge
  • + Sleep-and-Music

The less expensive Satellite S-Series starts at $999, though Toshiba states that the S-Series Style notebooks “offer the same increased performance as the L-Series, with the added bonus of a stylish metallic finish and extra features for a modern digital lifestyle”. Once again this model offers the ONKYO speakers.
S-Series highlights include:

  • + 25 per cent thinner design
  • + Touchscreen — Ideal for Windows® 8 (Selected models only)
  • + ONKYO® Speakers
  • + Backlit keyboard
  • + Sleep-and-Charge
  • + Toshiba HDD Accelerator improves hard drive performance by up to 32 per cent
  • + Up To 2GB NVIDIA® GeForce® Graphics Cards
  • + Stylish brushed metal

The Satellite L-Series ranges from $599 to $999 RRP for people looking for “affordable touchscreen notebook, offering increased performance and stylish looks to enhance their digital lifestyle”. The model will come in two “high-quality gloss colours” (silver and white), and feature the ONKYO speakers.
L-Series highlights include:

  • + 25 per cent thinner design than previous models
  • + Touchscreen, ideal for Windows® 8 (Selected models only)
  • + ONKYO® Speakers
  • + Backlit keyboard
  • + Sleep-and-Charge
  • + Toshiba HDD Accelerator improves hard drive performance by up to 32 per cent
  • + Up To 2GB NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics cards
  • + Choice of shinning silver or pearl white

Satellite C-Series starts at $499 up to $699 and are the “perfect entry-level notebooks for families seeking quality, reliability and everything needed to enjoy multi-tasking, web-browsing, emailing, social media and family entertainment fun” according to the release sent out today.
C-Series highlights include:

  • + High-quality silver gloss finish
  • + Touchscreen, ideal for Windows® 8 (Selected models only)
  • + USB 3.0 Ports
  • + Toshiba high speed start
  • + Up To 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® Graphics Cards
  • + AMD® or Intel® Processors

Qosmio X-Series are for “entertainment excellence” and they range from $2,999 to $3,999 RRP and was “engineered specifically for diehard gamers, designers, video editors and enthusiasts seeking the most elite, realistic and extreme gaming and entertainment experience”.
X-Series highlights include:

  • + Extreme performance with 4th Generation Intel® Quad Core™ i7 CPU
  • + Four prestigious harman/kardon® Speakers
  • + A dedicated mSATA SSD and two HDD slots
  • + NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 770 3GB graphics
  • + Full High Definition widescreen display (1080p)
  • + Red illuminated backlit keyboard
  • + Backlit Qosmio logo
  • + Four USB 3.0 ports
  • + HDMI® 4K2K
  • + Sleep-and-Music

The only All-in-One on the list starts at $1,499 and ranges to $1,999. Toshiba states that the All-in one utilizes the “ultra-friendly touchscreen interface that’s ideal for Windows 8″ while offering HD movies, gaming, video chat” and more together for the user.
All-in-One highlights Include:

  • + Full High Definition screen (1920 x 1080)
  • + Ultra-Thin bezel
  • + Prestigious harman/kardon® Speakers
  • + TV Tuner (On selected models only)
  • + AirGet — Your own personal cloud
  • + New Windows® 8 Keyboard and Mouse
  • + HDMI® In Port

more info: toshiba-kira, toshiba

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