American McGee’s Spicy Horse presents ‘Wizard of Oz’ title named ‘OZombie’

From the makers of the ‘Alice’ series and ‘Akaneiro: Demon Hunters’ comes a new title based on The Wizard of Oz. Though it is ‘based’ on the classic-tale, there are a lot of changes that fans should enjoy.
The very first announcement of the game came when Spicy Horse themselves took to social media, insuring that the new game “is not, in any way, shape or form the title from 2004.” That game was never released, having been cancelled. The new title will be funded by Kickstarter as the team attempts to collect enough money to develop and distribute the game.
Some elements from OZ will stay the same (the original Oz story falls into free-domain but Warner Bros. does own some rights to their version of the story). You will see Dorothy, the Lion, the TinMan, the Scarecrow and of course Toto.
One of the largest changes is that the Scarecrow is evil. The game won’t release on consoles (at least it’s not planned to as of now) but it will release on PC, Mac, tablets and Linux. There will be 14 episodes that create the entire story for the game. This is not to be confused with “Alice: Otherlands”, another title that Spicy horse plans to develop and release.
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