Matt Smith and David Tennant talk Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special as thank you to fans

A small shipping misstep had the series finale of this season’s “Doctor Who Finale” episode arrive at customer’s doorsteps ahead of schedule. The two doctors promised to release a special “thank you” if fans wouldn’t leak the episode online.
In an internet miracle, that only Doctor Who fans could accomplish, no one leaked the episode and as a thank you, the two doctors released the behind the scenes footage that you see above. The video was released on the official Facebook page of the show with the message, “As promised – as a thank you to everyone who helped to keep the Doctor’s greatest secret a secret, here’s a special clip from behind the scenes of the 50th Anniversary special – with Matt Smith and David Tennant!”
The final episode of the season, “Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2: “The Name of the Doctor” is being teased as “The Doctor has a secret he will take to his grave. And it is discovered…”. You can expect to get of all the details you want and more after watching the episode, we will not spoil it for you. Just another example of why Doctor who fans are some of the best around.

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