One of the best tech-skins sites ‘Slickwraps’ is having a StackSocial promotion

Every once in a while I’ll just get sick of looking at the exact same device day after day, and I’ll have them re-skinned to living things up. If you have been thinking about doing the same, you should know that StackedSocial is having a sale on Slickwraps.
The company has pre-made skins for just about anything you can think of, from iPhone to Android phones, Beats by Dre and even the new pebble watch. They are easily one of the best skins arounds, offering really fantastic minimalist designs (my favorite) to off-the wall eye-catchers like the glow-in-dark iOS cases. The video above shows some Apple products getting remade, but they have almost everything that you need.
Normally they are very pricey though, but you can get them at a great deal for the next few days while the promotion is running. You spend $25 at StackSocial (an awesome site that has promotions on almost everything tech-related, including software) and you get a $50 giftcard to use at the official Slickwrap website. Pretty easy, take a look at the official promotion below.
more info: stacksocial

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