Vivante GPU ready Google TVs can upgrade to Android Jelly Bean

One of the many announcements at this year’s Google I/O developers conference came from the Vivante Corporation. The company announced that Google TVs with their CPUs will be elegible for the Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 operating system update.
Now Google TV products featuring the Vivante GC1000 IP cores (this includes the Sony Google TV NSZ-GS7 Internet Player, the VIZIO Goggle TV Co-Star, the NETGEAR NeoTV™ PRIME, the Asus CUBE, the Hisense Google TV, and the Lenovo Smart TV) can update to the better operating system. The company stated that the Vivante GC1000 IP cores are integrated into the Marvell ARMADA 1500 SOC provided on the Google TV platform. The Vivante graphics cores perform complex computational processing for the latest 3D graphics and dynamic composition application programming interfaces (APIs) used to create eye popping user interfaces, realistic 3D games, GPU accelerated web applications, and live social media content. Android Jelly Bean performance is optimized with triple buffering and GPU compute as well as composition enhancements for fast, smooth and responsive user interface interactions.
“From games to productivity apps, music to movies, Android is rapidly becoming the OS of choice for the convergence of mobile and Smart TV technologies,” said Wei-Jin Dai , Vivante President and CEO. “Vivante GC1000 cores are optimized for low-power Android devices and provide the performance required for butter smooth graphics performance of even the most complex apps and games.”
In a statement sent to the press this morning Vivante commented on the platform stating, “The rapidly-growing Google TV ecosystem including hardware manufacturers, software providers and developers are charging towards providing Interactive, on-demand and web-based media content that is best experienced when accelerated by a GPU. By combining low power, high performance graphics processing with industry initiatives like HTML 5, GPU media processing, natural user interfaces (NUI), and interactive web apps, the consumer experience is becoming more dynamic, responsive and engaging”.
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