Carbon or Air? Lenovo puts the Thinkpad X1 Carbon against Apple’s Macbook Air

In the battle of thin, light and powerful tablet marketshare there are no rules. To get ahead you have to break a few hearts and Lenovo is going right after the Maxcbook Air in its latest ad-campaign.
Lenovo-Carbon-and-AirIn a mass-marketing email campaign which started today, Lenovo detailed the company’s brand new Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon and the Thinkpad X1 Carbon Touch. Lenovo stacked it up right against the Macbook Air from Apple. Things get pretty specific, even going after the simple elements that represent the two computers. I’m not going to get into a heated debate on Aluminum and Carbon (I enjoy using both quite regularly) but I will get into the finer details.
The Lenovo does have a larger screen coming in with an anti-glare 14″ (1600 x 900) model, against the Macbook Air Glossy (1440 x 900) version. It was pointed out by Lenovo that both are under 3 lbs but the Lenovo promises an 8.2 hrs battery, put against the 7hr Mac (running Mac OS X Mountain Lion). Lenovo even makes a joke about the waiting time to charge the device, saying you can get coffee in the time it takes to charge their device (35 minutes), while that will only give Apple users enough time to find a “genius” at the Apple Store.
One very nice change is that the Lenovo can run on 3G, the Macbook Air doesn’t offer that as a standard option. The Carbon X1 starts at $1,349 while the Carbon X1 Touch starts at $1,499 (though they are on sale at the moment). The ad doesn’t mention that the Macbook Air starts at $999. Now all of these ads that are created do hold some truths, while shaping the odds in their favor of course. It is interesting to see Lenovo go after Apple in an ad campaign and not Sony or HP. You can compare these two titans for yourself on the websites below.
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