Financial Times Twitter and Website hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

In what is starting to become a regular occurrence, another prominent news outlet has been brought down by the group calling itself the “Syrian Electronic Army”.
The Financial Times is the lates publication to have been compromised by the anonymous S.E.A group. Many of the Financial Time’s smaller blog subdomains and the majority of the site’s were compromised earlier today (Friday). On the main blogs page, the headlines of the recent posts read, “Tech blog: Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army”. There was also a message, “Syrian Electronic Army Was Here,” sent out on several of the Financial Time’s Twitter accounts, such as @FTMarkets and @thelexcolumn account.
The website did not issue a statement on how the hackers gained access, but did state, “working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.” The S.E.A did post one e-mail address and that addresses’ password belonging to a FT executive on their own Twitter account however. It was most likely the same e-mail phishing scam that has been used in the past. So far The Guardian, E! Online, The Associated Press and The Onion have fallen victim to similar attacks.

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