Trailer Made: Stephen King’s Under the Dome preview

The next film adaptation of a Stephen King novel will be “Under the Dome”, and it is set to premier next month. Here’s your first look at the upcoming project.
The limited series is set to debut on CBS on June 24, 2013 at 10pm. The initial project was a regular series, but “Under the Dome” will be premiering as a limited series in the summer. The project is produced by Steven Spielberg’s production company ‘Amblin Televesion’.

In the series, viewers will be taken to the small New England town on ‘Chester’s Mill’ where, without warning or reason, the town is cut-off by a giant dome, stopping them from escaping. It’s basically the exact same plot that was used in the Simpsons Movie, though King did have the concept early on in his career.

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