It was said that we were getting it. We all thought we were getting it. But when Google announced their integrated chat service, Hangouts, yesterday at Google I/O, I think we all thought there would be more, well….”integration.” Namely, we thought SMS integration would be ready right out of the box.
It isn’t a feature that’s available yet, and that’s ok. I understand that it’ll take time to add these features, though as of right now, Hangouts is not much more than a re-skinned Google Talk. So….when is SMS coming? Judging by how anticipated Hangouts was prior to its launch yesterday, and how willing I personally am to unify all my chat and messaging under one app, I would imagine the big G would be hard at work to bring SMS as quickly as possible.
The good news is, they are.
The bad news is, we don’t really know when. However, according to Google +’s community manager of Hangouts and Chat, Dori Storbeck, they are well aware of how badly people want this feature, and it will indeed be “coming soon.”
source | dori storbeck via droid life