Google will offer unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android OS

It seems that Google has decided to move forward with one of the most sought after phones on the market, an unlocked Galaxy S4. At the Google I/O conference earlier this afternoon, Google announce its plans to sell an unlocked version of the Galaxy S4 to very excited crowd.
Though pricey, it is probably terrific news to countless of Android users that have been eagerly awaiting such an announcement. This would make the phone compatible across multiple networks, including T-Mobile and even the often phone-excluding AT&T network. What makes the announcement even better is the stock Android OS, which would stripp-down the standard Samsung software that usually comes with the phone and offers customers a clean and efficient Google operating system (think of the Google Nexus line).
More details are expected to be announced as we get closer to launch but we do have some information regarding the price of the phone. Since it is unlocked it means that you won’t have the added benefit of the carrier’s discount. You will have to pay $649 for the luxury of owning this particular device. The phone will made available in the Google Play store this June.

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