Michelle Williams and Joel Edgerton set to star in “The Double Hour”

It seems that both Michelle Williams and Joel Edgerton have signed on to the upcoming remake “The Double Hour”. The confirmation came earlier today as the Cannes Festival is underway.
Michelle-Williams-InsertThe film will be a remake of the Italian film of the same name that premiered originally in 2009. It was very well received film directed by Giuseppe Capotondi and produced by Giuliano. It was first shown at the 2009 Venice International Film Festival. The new project will be directed and adapted by Joshua Marston, who also was behind “Maria Full Of Grace”. The story is a thrilling look at two-lovers, who are held during a meticulously planned robbery. Silver Reel’s Claudia Blumhuber, Lotus Entertainment’s Bill Johnson and Jim Seibel, Giulio Marantonio, John Powers Middleton, Jacob Pechenik and Florian Dargel will executive produce. Other producers include Indigo Films’ Nicola Giuliano, Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee and Journeyman Pictures’ Paul Mezey.
More information on release date, other cast members and locations, are expected to be released as the film gets further along in production.

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