Time Warner will stream TBS and TNT to cable subscriber’s mobile devices

Streaming television content is finally starting to catch on, much to the dread of cable-networks it seems who have been dragging their feet adopting the trend.
ABC announced earlier this week that it will be streaming live-content to mobile devices and now Time Warner has added live TBS and TNT streams its mobile arsenal. Those services are expected to launch this summer 2013. It’s won’t be free-for-all though, in order to use the Time Warner Service you will have to be a pay-TV subscribers in order to watch the streams on your mobile devices.
No word yet on when NBC and FOX will launch their service, though it is expected to happen at some-point this year, with the same restrictions. Time Warner talked about the live-service in a prepared statement this morning stating, “Starting this summer, subscribers will be able to watch TBS and TNT live — anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices.” As of right now the application and ability to do so is expected to launch on iOS and Android.

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