Google updates Google Play store with new design, uniform Play Store hits Web

There are a lot of announcements coming in from the Google I/O conference this morning. One of the major redesigns that the company announced early is the revamp of the current Google Play Store.
It was Google’s own Chris Yerga who took the stage to announce the new features and design of the virtual store-front. The first details were about the web-version of the Google Play Store, which will now mirror the familiar mobile version to make things easier for customers. Left-side navigation will be the promary means in which customers navigate the site, easily allowing people to move between music, apps or books and other features located on the service.
There is also a focus to help customers find content by tablet or mobile with a “designed for tablets” category. This suggests apps and other content that is better suited for larger screens. Also Google revamped Google Play Books, Google Play Videos, and Google Play Music. The last item on the last will most likely be the largest announcement of the day, and one that many people were hoping for.

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