Google Play Music is an all access subscription service, for $9.99

After a few weeks of rumors and assumptions, Google has officially announced it’s own subscription music service at the 2013 Google I/O Conference this afternoon.
Google has been working on the service for the better-part of the last few years. The new music service will work with the current music store already built-into Google Play. This will allow customers to easily stream millions of tracks that are already on the service. There will be a recommendation program that will help you find new music based on music that you already enjoy. The service is running inside a normal web browser with local tracks streaming tracks all in one library for easy discovery. The service isn’t free of course, since there are licensing fees involved. The service will start at $9.99 a month, after a 30-day free trial. If you signup before June 30th, the monthly fee will cost $7.99.
More details on the service will be announced after the official reveal is finished at the Google I/O conference that is currently underway.

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