Dell slashes price of XPS 10 tablet to $300, reason unknown

This morning saw a very significant price-drop in the XPS 10 tablet from Dell, so much so that we almost didn’t believe the new price when it was sent to us from our readers.
Whether it is due to low-sales, high inventory or if Dell is just testing out a new ‘Dads and Grads’ promotion, right now is a great time to pickup the tablet if you have been in the market for one. The 32GB version of the XPS 10 was $500, that has been cut to $300. If you bump that up to 64GB, will only cost you $350, which is almost insane.
If you choose to get the dock included you can save $180 off the regular price of the bundle, the dock wil only add $50 extra to your purchase. The LTE version didn’t share in the price-cut though, adding 4G will cost $100. You can check out the official listing of the promotion to see if the price-cut is still in effect below.
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