Iron Man 3 writer set to write next “Mission Impossible” installment

When you are just coming off a launch like “Iron Man 3” it’s safe to assume that you will have your pick of action-movies for at least the next year.
Drew-Pearce-Profile-InsertDrew Pierce, the writer for such films as “Iron Man 3,” “Sherlock Holmes 3,” and “Pacific Rim” just decided to take on the installment in the “Mission Impossible” series. The franchise is one of the biggest deals that Paramount has to offer, the latest film grossed just under $700 million in its run. There is still no title and news of the arrangement is still slim, but the addition of Pearce can only spell-out great things for the series.
Not a bad run for a former British sitcom writer, the film is yet to go into production but we will keep you updated with further information as it is released from Paramount pictures. This will be the fifth movie in the rebooted series, no other information has been released on the film at this point.

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