Square Stands turns your iPad into your small-business register

Square continues to create innovated ways to tun iOS devices into payment-recipients. The latest device will turn your iPad into a minimalistic and functional register.
The new payment processing experience is almost so perfect for small businesses that it’s amazing how long they have gone without one that works so well. The new “Square Stand” costs $299 and it is an ultra-modern, low-profile setup that holds the iPad and has a credit card swipe machine built into the base. Now bricks-and-mortar can have a stylish register in just minutes, with the tech they probably already own.
“Local business owners take as a given that they need an ugly, slow, expensive and complicated point-of-sale system cluttering their counter,” Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Square, said in a statement. “Square Stand is elegant, fast, affordable and easy to use. Whether you’re selling cupcakes, cardigans or cappuccinos, running your business with Square has never been easier.”
You can pre-order the system on Square’s website but you will have to wait until early July, to get your hands on one. Square also confirmed that Best Buy will carry the device starting in July as well. The “Business in a Box” package was announced earlier this year for customers, (iPad stand, cash drawer and an optional receipt printer was included).
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