McAfee introduces LiveSafe, an all in one solution to online security for all devices

Whether the headlines are about Twitter hacks, email security, phone and email security or attacks on databases on websites, we are constantly being warned about our own online security.
Outside of two-factor authorization, strong passwords and email verifications though, it’s not often sites report about security enhancements. McAfee is hoping to change all of that with a new ‘all-in-one’ solution to protect you from the perils that await you online.
Considering just how many devices we use everyday, it can be very hard to stay on-top of your security management. McAfee’s new suite will be called ‘LiveSafe’ and it’s designed to be a “one-stop-shop” for security needs. The new service will be available for Macs and PCs, and although Macs normally don’t suffer from the same viruses as PCs, they are far from safe without being prepared. LiveSafe will support a Web-based central application that will manage all of your security across your devices. Macs and PCs can be protected from malware, viruses, spyware, phishing tactics, and will have a two-way firewall. There will also be parental controls to protect minors and identity protection for adults. You can even check out how secure a website is, straight from the web-app. The service will also include 1 GB encrypted online “Personal Locker,” for ultimate security. When you are activating the service, you will be required to enter a pin, send in a photo of your face and then record your voice. Very serious stuff.
There are advantages that are exclusive to the program, like utilizing the Intel Anti-Theft Technology and Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT) that is built into newer CPU chips. If you don’t have these newer chips, than you will still be able to use the LiveSafe features that I mentioned earlier. One of the most advanced features is the mobile device protection. LiveSafe will also provide virus protection, data backup and the ability to restore your mobile devices. Just like on iOS devices, consumers will be able to lock-down, erase and locate a device.
As of right now Android devices are set to get a native application (and will be able to use the web app) and Android and Blackberry will also get special tools for avoiding SMS text scams. LiveSafe will cost $19.99 for a first-year subscription, and $79.99 after that.
The service is expected to launch sometime this year.

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