Meet the mother of How I Met Your Mother

After teasing the woman with the yellow umbrella for eight years, CBS has finally shown fans who the mother on HIMYM is at last.
HIMYM-MotherIt was the biggest mystery on the show, though there are still quite a few mysteries to clear up. It was the last image shown on the season eight season finale. The actress who is playing the mother was boarding a train that will eventually lead her to Ted, at long last. The actress is Cristin Milioti (shown on the right), she will be a “guest star” on the show and play who wil eventually be the Mother in all the stories. Unless CBS really wants to anger fans and have it be someone else. This is the first time that Milioti appeared on the series, answering the longest-running question on the show.
We hope that she “meets” all of your expectations.

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