Want To Be Immortalized As A Star Trek Figurine?

If you ever wanted to see your likeness on a Star Trek figurine, then today is your lucky day. For $70, Cubify of 3D Systems will make that a reality.
You can choose from a variety off different options, such as human or Vulcan, pose, rank, gender, and whether you want be a part of Command, Science, or Operations. Ordering one is fairly simple as you simply go to the website below, upload a frontal and profile shot of your head, pop on an optional message on the bottom, then Cubify does the rest of the work.
Your figurine is then printed on a Projet 660pro 3D printer, with details down to hair and eyes. It should be noted that while the head can be personalized, we are all stuck using a stock body (with a few tweaks you can make like height). That’s either a good or bad, depending on whether or not you’re built like Channing Tatum, or built like me (the opposite of Channing Tatum).
For a closer look, check out the video below!

source | cubify

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