Reported ‘PS4 E3’ trailer shows what could be the new PS4 design

If reports are correct than this is your first glimpse into the new PS4 design. The video is currently on Youtube and floating about Japan, if it’s real you better act fast.
No doubt that the video will be removed if it is indeed from Sony but you can get your first glimpse above. The video seems to follow Sony’s previous artistic stylings for such ads. We have tried to contact Sony’s PR department on the validity of the video but they have not responded. Though it is unlikely that would respond on rumors (true or not)/
Sony had already announced the PS4 this past February, though the company was saving the PS4 design reveal for E3 2013. On the other hand, Microsoft is getting ready to show off the next Xbox 360 on May 21, 2013.
Fake or not, it would be a terrific design choice to see a glossy-compact case.
via: joystiq

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