Google unites Gmail, Drive and photos under updated 15GB of storage

Google has been updating its newly released ‘Google Drive’ service so that it becomes more efficient, easier to synch and making it more compatible since the service released last year.
Now Google is increasing its usefulness by increasing the amount of free storage from 5GB to 15GB. Google is also combining user’s storage across all of its products, making it that much easier to access your content regardless of what application you are using. If you are a Google user, you will now get 15GB of shared storage across Google Drive, your Google+ photos, and Gmail. This helps Google compete with Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s Skydrive and other services like Dropbox and Amazon Cloud. Because of this change however, you will no longer be able to update your account to 25GB of storage for $2.49 a month, but you can get 100GB of storage for $4.99 a month. Dropbox offers the same storage at twice the price, Google says to expect these changes over the coming weeks.
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