Genius X-G510 Review: Left or right, you can’t go wrong

As technology improves and more and more features become standard, it’s hard to justify paying a lot of money for branded peripherals for the average gamer. There’s something to be said about products that standout as consistant devices without the price-tags.
I’ve reviewed a lot of Genius products in my career, I ask for them specifically when they come into the office. I know there are gamers that are out there competing on professional levels, and even some hardcore fans that actually require the highest specs and most intense devices in order to get ahead. I also know that those people don’t really need reviews, they know as much about peripherals as the companies that produce them. The rest of us, the ones that love games and peripherals that work, and work well, are always on the look-out to buy more. We also want to know what to expect before we buy them.
The mouse works on Mac and Windows (including Windows 8) but there are limitations for Mac users. Genius has a lot of great software that helps customize the mouse, settings and other features. This also includes programming macros and speed and other settings. Mac users can’t install the software, but the mouse does work straight out of the box and works extremely well (tested on Mac 2011 Late Edition running 10.8.3). On the Mac you can usually set most of your setting in-game so it’s very convenient. If you are running Windows then you can install the software which has always been a clean and simple UI.
Style-side there are a lot of surprises that I encountered, the mouse has a rubber coated grip, which is something I don’t normally come into contact with that often when checking out peripherals for myself. I actually really liked it and looking back it makes sense. Everything from guns to power-tools utilize rubber-grips because they are durable and the friction makes it perfect for long use. Same goes for the mouse. If you use your mouse often, and let’s face it MMOs alone suck up hours of our lives, it keeps it from getting slimy and gross through the long play-through hours.
The mouse comes with a six-button set-up (left, right, middle button with scroll, Last-Next page and DPI level) the DPI button instantly shifts between multiple sensitivity levels (offering from 500 – 2000 dpi) when you absolutely have to have the most accurate movement on the planet. You can even program up to 21 macro keys. Another style-choice that I liked was the braided USB cable, these get tangled far less than just rubberized cables which is perfect for when I take it with me from the office and home. They also outlast most rubberized cords, which often have a hard time surviving my cat, chair-wheels and other cord-shredders at my house.
The body stands at (75 x 118 x 39mm) and the weight is 125g, light enough that it offers quick responses but heavy enough that it won’t jitter-around when you want precise movement. So many of these features are standard in other mouse devices, but many don’t offer the same features at $35. Yes, that’s about half-price, if not more than other devices with almost the exact same set-up and that is why I ask to review these devices for readers.
Like I said, there are some people that are rifling through data and searching for the absolute best devices that money can buy and overlook products like these that offer the same features at a lower price-point. For everyone else that wants tried-and-true products with great features and a very simple interface to use, then this is what I would recommend to compare with.
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