Kristin Wiig SNL comeback, and a special Mother’s Day 1 800 Flowers sketch

It was none other than former SNL cast-member Kristen Wiig who took on hosting duties last night on ‘Saturday Night Live’. The former SNL star brought back some familiar characters and a lot of well-crafted moments after a lengthy break from the cast.
It was a little less than a year ago when Kristen Wiig said goodbye to Saturday Night Live. Wiig opened with a heartfelt rendition of “I’m so excited” from the Pointer Sisters to kickoff her opening monologue. It was soon after that Wiig took fans on a misguided tour throughout the studio, pointing out all the incorrect facts she knew about the studio and the sets.
Just like every episode of SNL, you had your painful to hilarious spectrum of sketches. Wiig’s 1-800-Flowers commercial was easily one to be shared. Just a day before mom’s were celebrating Mother’s Day across the U.S. the sketch was topical and really well done. One of the better surprises of the evening was the return of Wiig’s favored “Target Lady”.

Next week will see the end of Season 38 of ‘Saturday Night Live”, Ben Affleck is set to host the final show with musical guest Kanye West.

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