NBC draws the curtain and cancels Smash after the second season

I don’t think anyone will take this as a surprise, but NBC has officially decided not to renew Smash for a third season.
The show returned to its usual schedule with terrible scores, then it was retooled and put under Josh Safran as it was also moved to Saturdays in March. This was to give the show the best chance to gain an audience and stand-out on what is normally second-tier programming. The show tried so much, it brought on giant stars from Broadway like Liza Minelli and even Rosie O’Donnell but nothing seemed to help the series improve.
After two season, Smash was scoring 3 million viewers and had an average of just 0.8 on the scale with adults 18-49. NBC has confirmed that it will air the 17 episodes and the last episode was designed as a finishing piece for fans to end on.

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