CBS cancels CSI: New York

The CSI franchise is slowly dwindling down as more and more viewers turn to newer crime-dramas to find their fix.
CBS made it official today that CSI: New York will be canceled, though not too many people in the industry seemed surprise by the decision. The larger spin-off ‘CSI: Miami’ had been canceled last year and CSI: New York’ had been dropping in ratings almost every week. That being said, CSI: New York ran for an impressive 9 seasons before the cancelation. The original CSI is still on the air, though it too has been slipping in ratings as the seasons continue.
That’s not to say that the original CSI is any danger of being canceled itself, the series was just renewed for a 14th season and is getting ready to kick off new episodes this fall. CBS will be announcing the rest of the cancellations throughout the weekend, or later on next week. On the possible chopping block is ‘Rules of Engagement’, ‘Golden Boy’ and ‘Vegas’, which didn’t turn out the ratings that CBS had hoped.
We will keep you updated as CBS makes further announcements.

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