Microsoft Office takes on Google Docs in gambling video

It’s always fun when two rival companies go after each other with humorous advertisements. One of the latest videos produced by Microsoft tells office-workers that betting on Google Docs isn’t a wise choice.
Microsoft has ramped up it’s advertising efforts on all things Google over the last year. The “Bing it On” challenge puts the search-engine against, Microsoft also promoted a series of advertisements called “Don’t get Scroogled”, in which the company talks about Google’s priority of search history on products that pay for Google advertisements. Also in that group was Microsoft’s claim that Google analyzes customer’s emails in-order to better serve advertisers.

The video above is all about Google Docs. Microsoft asks, “Why take the gamble on converting your Office files to Google Docs when you can use Microsoft Office and the Microsoft Office Web Apps to create, share and edit your Office files with your content intact?”.
A notable question, though Microsoft the exact same thing can be said about Microsoft limiting Apple’s Pages documents on PCs. No one is perfect.

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