Fox Sports 1 sets a date for opening day and talks scheduling

Earlier this year Fox announced “Fox Sports 1” the new network will bring a whole new approach to how Fox broadcasts its sports content. Now that network has a start-date.
The first official start-date of Fox Sports 1 air will be August 17, 2013 with the beginning of Speed at 8AM EST. This will begin the almost 17 hours of live programming. First up is “NASCAR Live” from the Michigan International Speedway, which will then be followed by seven hours of NASCAR. Then at 5pm EST viewers will switch gears and watch UFC. There will be three-hours of events and discussions before the primetime fight on FS1 that Saturday.
“We’ve been working for months now, but a lot has come together in the time since we officially unveiled our plans for the launch of Fox Sports 1 in March,” FOX Sports co-prexy and COO Eric Shanks said. “The programming schedule has been solidified, and we really come out of the gate incredibly strong from Day 1.”
“Fox Sports Live” will then take the 11pm EST slot. ESPNNews vet Don Bell is already on deck to be one of the anchors, with Molly McGrath and Julie Stewart-Binks. “Obviously, we knew from the start that finding highly skilled and talented senior production executives and talent to fill key roles would be essential to our success,” FOX Sports co-prexy and COO Randy Freer said. “It’s fun to see the team take shape, and there’s an incredible energy and enthusiasm present that people share when they’re working on something they’re passionate about.”
So let’s go to Monday. You have the first episode of “Crowd Goes Wild” with Regis Philbin as host. A 5pm you can catch “Fox Football Daily” and “Fox’s Monday Night Fights” with live coverage of the 2013-14 UEFA Champions League season scheduled to begin the very next day. College football season begins with a live broadcast on August 29, 2013. Then you have the August 30th three-game run followed by two-hours of “Fox College Saturday”.

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