NBC renews ‘Parks and Recreation’ for another season, season 6 if you’re counting

NBC has moved forward and announced that it will be renewing the popular comedy ‘Parks and Recreation’ for a sixth season. The confirmation came earlier this evening.
Not all of NBC’s shows are in the clear yet, but at least some of the more popular options will be confirmed over the next few hours/days. NBC loses the ‘The Office’ this year and unless a new ’30 Rock’ shows up in the next few-weeks, it will be hard for NBC to replace the holes with equally as funny shows. This doesn’t mean that Parks and Recreation will return to the same air-time or day however, that will be decided later on. Hopefully for the cast they will continue with the same strong lead-in and timeslot to keep the show going to season 7.
NBC will officially announce the fall lineup this Sunday, so stay tuned. There has not been any confirmation on Community, in case you were wondering.

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