YouTube officially launches paid channels with subscription service

The idea that YouTube would eventually offer “paid-for” content has been rumored for almost a year. Now the video-sharing network has finally pulled the curtain of its new monetization efforts.
There are only a few paid channels at the moment, but that number will soon reach into the thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands before the year’s end. Fees for channels start at $0.99 per month, though there are a few exceptions. If your children like the child-program Sesame Street, they are charging $1.99 per episode in SD and $2.99 in HD, you know because they can apparently. You can buy a “season pass” for $17.99 SD or $27.99 HD. Or you can turn on your TV where its free.
There are a lot of other options for owners, including discounts, bundled rates, free trials and other gimmicks to persuade customers. Although it seems unfair for a free show like Sesame Street to charge, the hopes of many is that with Google’s influence behind the service, Netflix and Hulu+, as well as Cable Companies, will have to start seriously competing for everyone’s dime.

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