Roger Corman to launch paid YouTube channel for classic films ‘Corman’s Drive-In’

Wow two Roger Corman headlines in one day. Hot off the heels of SyFy’s ‘Roger Corman Marathon’ this memorial day weekend, we have just confirmed that the filmmaker will be launching his own subscription YouTube Channel.
Roger-Corman-Profile-InsertThe new channel is named “Corman’s Drive-In” and it will launch with 400+ Classic Films. Corman was one of the first filmmakers to jumo onboard the paid-subscription model. Both Corman and his longtime producer partner Julie Corman, will unveil “Corman’s Drive-In” on YouTube, which reaches more than one billion unique users monthly. Corman’s new channel is part of YouTube’s new platform offering viewers more channels through a paid subscription model.
“Corman’s Drive-In”—set to launch this summer—gives the legendary Oscar winning director the opportunity to take the treasured library of more than 400 classic films directly to his fan base, as well as reach a new millennial audience. “I have always approached filmmaking with the desire to reach a broad audience, and YouTube is clearly where the viewers are now,” said Roger Corman. “In today’s ever-connected marketplace, I couldn’t think of a better platform on which to unveil “Corman’s Drive-In.”
Under the banner of New Horizons Picture Corp., the Cormans will use this venture to not only expand distribution of these classic titles, but also provide an outlet for new films in production. “This exciting launch on YouTube creates a myriad of opportunities for us, especially as we continue to develop and produce new titles to complement the existing film catalogue,” added Julie Corman.
Beyond the extensive library, “Corman’s Drive-In” will feature the Cormans’ personal introductions to these films, as well as fascinating interviews about Roger’s filmmaking achievements and the many stars and directors he has worked with over the years.
Corman’s will have over 400 films includes such well known and iconic cult titles as “Deathrace 2000″ (voted the greatest ‘B’ picture of all time), “Masque of the Red Death,” “Little Shop of Horrors,” “Piranha,” “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School,” “Grand Theft Auto” (Director Ron Howard’s feature directing debut), “The Fast and the Furious,” “Crybaby Killer” (Jack Nicholson’s first film), “Fire on the Amazon,” (Sandra Bullock’s first film), “The Intruder” (William Shatner’s first film), and “Jackson County Jail,” (Tommy Lee Jones’ first film), among many others.
Roger and Julie Corman have worked together since 1972, when they signed Martin Scorsese as the director on “Boxcar Bertha,” a career-launching move. Since then, Julie Corman has produced more than 30 films in the last three decades.
In 2010, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honored Roger Corman with an Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement. He and Julie continue to produce four to five films a year from their offices in Los Angeles

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