Saints Row 4 PAX East 5 minute gameplay demo

Saints Row fans can finally get a peek at what they were missing out on behing the press-curtain at PAX East this year.
Above you will find the five-minute press video that is now available to the public. The video is narrated by Senior Producer Jim Boone from the game’s development company “Volition” narrates the video. The video talks about the general setting and touches on the premise of the game, as it shows the POTUS exacting his power on anything and everything in his path. The video also talks about the superpowers that will be in the game, as well as basic weapon upgrades and customization features.
Saints Row 4 will release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on August 20, 2013. the “Commander and Chief DLC Pack” that you see above is available for free when you pre-order the game from sites like amazon.

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