Gran Turismo 15th Anniversary Event Video Is A Tease


Sony will be hosting a Gran Turismo 15th anniversary event at Silverstone Circuit (which has never been in a GT game) on May 15th, and to celebrate the event, we get this 15th Anniversary of Gran Turismo video. Boy, is it cryptic!
The video shows a race modified Nissan GT-R (looks like a similar one Kazunori Yamauchi used at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring) overtaking a variety of cars using in game footage. If you look closely, the last car to be passed bears a GT5 license plate.
The video then ends with with the GT logo and a countdown (countup?) from 1-5. After the “5,” a blank line appears: “GT__”
My goodness.
Check it out for yourselves in the attached video. What do you think will be announced on May 15th? Could it be Gran Turismo 6? Gran Turismo Vita? Only time will tell.

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