For awhile now customers of Bose products have been awaiting a new pair of wireless headphones with Bluetooth capabilities. Bose has answered your call at long last.
The company emailed all of their previous customers listed on their assumably very large email database. The new AE2w Bluetooth headphones are $250 which include a Bluetooth control module which “controls certain iPad functions” according to the website. Another nice feature included is the ability to simultaneously connect to two devices, allowing you to switch from iPad movie to iPhone call in a moment. These are basically an upgraded AE2 headphone set, since the former didn’t have Bluetooth.
The official stance from Bose is that the headphones last for seven-hours, though we have yet to test them ourselves with 200 hours of “standby-mode”. As of right now you can order the new device for $249.95 and that includes the AE2w Bluetooth headphones, the Bluetooth control module (removable), a USB charging cable, optional audio cable and a fancy drawstring carry bag.
more info: bose