Carrie Underwood replaces Faith Hill in Sunday Night Football intro

When Faith Hill took the job to perform the Sunday Night Football promo before the game, it seemed like the perfect choice.
Carrie-Underwood-Profile-InsertAdvertising on Sunday Night Football is easily one of the most lucrative deals that NBC has to offer. It cost more per ad-slot than any other show on that day and the sports program is watched by a fan-base in the uncountable millions. Unfortunately for some, showbusiness is a fickle-friend and although Faith Hill tested well pre-contract, in just a few seasons a younger, just as country, version has been picked to replace her. Now Carrie Underwood has been signed by NBC to take the promo spot saying, “For me it just seemed like something fun to do,” adding “especially seeing Faith get that hype. It seemed like a good fit and a good time.” This was told during a phone interview with the press after the confirmation.
You can expect a few promo-spots and eventually a long video-intro of the country cover-girl to air before Sunday night’s big game when football starts after the summer.

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