Windows 8 Phone updates YouTube App with complete redesign

Windows Phone 8 users should update their YouTube application, the new official version will be receiving a major update today, filled with new features.
The new application has been “completely redesigned to make the most of Windows Phone 8 features” according to the official post on the Microsoft blog. If you haven’t received the notification, or it’s not shwing the update yet, you can download it below.
According to Microsoft users can now “Pin videos, playlists, channels, and even search queries to Start as Live Tiles for fast access. The tile flips to show either the latest video from your subscriptions or the most popular one”. There is also a new playlist design allowing you to browse through and selecet video using a “touch-friendly filmstrip”.
Another great feature is the ability to just want to listen to a video. This feature will play the video background even when the screen is locked, perfect for music videos when all you want is the song.
You can share videos to popular social networks, and via email and text. Parents can now pin YouTube to Kid’s Corner and limit content based on YouTube Safety Mode settings you configure. “An update for Windows Phone 7.5 is also on the way in a few weeks” according to Microsoft.
more info: microsoft

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