Virgin Mobile tells young adults what Moms really want in new ad, to stop paying for you

In advertising some marketing groups are just more funny then others. As children all around the world think about what to get Mom for Mother’s Day, Teen Mobile seems to know what the best gift would be, to have your parents stop paying your way.
According to a recent survey conducted by Virgin Mobile, nearly half (46%) of young Americans ages 21-30 still receive some sort of financial assistance from their parents including 60% knowing at least one other person that’s still on their parents cell phone plan!.
That’s why Virgin Mobile is urging young adults across the country to make their mommas proud, stop freeloading and this Mother’s day get off the family mobile plan. To help illustrate this, Virgin has teamed up with Susie Essman, from HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm to create a hilarious online video, emphasizing what moms may need the most this holiday—a bit of financial space from their kids.
To expedite the proverbial cutting of the cord, today Virgin Mobile is giving online customers 30% off the purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE to switch over to one of its no-contract plans starting at $35 per month that includes unlimited data and messaging on all plans.

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