Special Forces: Team X Steam Sale And Updates

When Special Forces: Team X was first launched, it was riddled with bugs and connectivity issues. Now months later, Microprose has released a number of patches to correct most of the issues, hopefully giving gamers a much more playable game.
In addition to the patches, there will be a major price drop starting on May 6th to sell the game for just $4.99. At the end of the week, STX will return to a newly price dropped $9.99. Microprose says: “Initially, the game launched with a bug that affected some players, and we deeply apologize to anyone that experienced issues. However, since then, multiple patches have been released on Steam to address the issue and also to subtly alter the play mechanics based on customer feedback, which we believe now delivers a faster paced and smoother experience. We are hoping that this price drop will bring players into the game that may have been interested.” A XBLA patch is also in the works.
You can download the game by visiting its Steam page.

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