Listen To The ‘Man Of Steel’ Theme Right Here

If any of you were wondering what the new Superman theme from Man of Steel sounds like, you can give it a listen right here. We knew going into the movie that John Williams’ classic and epic score would not be replicated, so we waited with bated breath to see what the great Hans Zimmer would give us.
Mr. Zimmer does not disappoint. Take a listen for yourself at the link below. Equal parts wonder, fear of the unknown, excitement, hope, and sheer epicness, the new theme is, to put it bluntly, awesome.
I’m glad Zimmer chose not to follow in the footsteps of Williams’ iconic score. It would have been too much, even for someone of Zimmer’s infinite talent. He is good enough to create his own score that will be remembered. Prior to the Dark Knight trilogy, the Batman theme that everyone knew was, what….Danny Elfman’s 1989 theme? Possibly the 1960’s TV show theme? Now I can’t think of Bats without hearing Zimmer’s score.
Ok, I’m done babbling. Enjoy the link below.
source | soundcloud

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