Saints Row IV ‘Meet the President’ trailer shows off Commander and Chief DLC

Deep Silver has released a new trailer for the upcoming installment of the ‘Saints Row’ series. This trailer is titled ‘Meet the President’ and its not hard to see why.
As we get closer and closer the E3 2013 you will see a lot more of Saints Row 4. The video has all of the classic Saints Row markings; absurdity, violence, slapstick humor and debauchery. These are basically the four ingredients that make up any game with ‘Saints Row’ in the title, and we suspect fans have come to expect it in every game. It looks like they won’t be disappointed with SR:4.
Saints Row 4 will release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on August 20, 2013. The president that you see above in the video is part of the “Commander and Chief DLC Pack”, which includes the Screaming Eagle vehicle, Uncle Sam uniform and the ‘Merica weapon. You can get the DLC for free if you pre-order the game from sites like Amazon below.
more info: amazon

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