The original Marge Simpson, ‘Margaret Ruth Wiggum Groening’ passes away at 94

If you ever took the chance to read-up on Matt Groening’s life, you would learn that the majority of the characters in ‘The Simpsons’ are alter-egos of his actual family. Unfortunately the matriarch of this original family has passed away.
Matt Groening’s mother was named Margaret, not Marge, but she was the direct inspiration for the blue—haired mom on the Simpsons. Margaret passed away at age 94. It was 30 years ago when Matt Groening first named his now iconic family, and the names that he picked came almost exclusively from his own family. His mother’s maiden name for example was ‘Wiggum’ who fans know as the surname of the overweight police chief on the popular animated series. Groening’s father was named Homer, he also had sisters Lisa and Maggie and his mother had daughter named Patty that passed in 2013. The Simpsons still stand as the longest-running scripted TV program in history, and there are still no signs of the show stopping at season 24 this year.
It was late Monday evening when Oregonian of Portland reported that its readers recognized a lot of similarities with Margaret Ruth Groening, who died April 22, 2013 in Portland. In the obituary it states that “Margaret and Homer supported the Oregon Symphony, the Portland Trail Blazers and many local yarn shops.” Marge was a high-school valedictorian and later became a high-school English teacher.
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